A letter from a Father

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Here’s a note from our co-founder, David Huey, and one from his dad, Clay Huey on this Father’s Day.

from David …

On this Father’s Day, I want to take a step back and breathe and remember and honor the dads in our lives.

A big reason why I’ve committed a large portion of my life to helping others is the influence of my dad and his dad (as well as my mother and her dad).  My dad was a pastor as I was growing up.  Countless hours were spent visiting members, helping people out at all hours of the day and ministering to a congregation. My grandfather, after retiring from the Marines, devoted the rest of his life to serving sailors from various global ports as they came through Port Royal, South Carolina.  My mom’s dad worked well past retirement age so he would still be able to be generous with his life – supporting missionaries, children and being a huge help to so many.

My dad sent an email out to some of his friends this week (about our current project) and I thought it was fitting to share on Father’s Day.

from David’s Dad, Clay …

When I was a teenager involved in a local Christian youth ministry, one night a 15 or 16 year old trumpet player by the name of Don Shire walked to the mic & set the place on fire with his rendition of When the Roll is Called Up Yonder. Don & I became friends and have been for some 45 years. I have watched from a distance and rejoiced at how Don gave his trumpet talent and life to God’s will. Don has traveled the world reaching the lost, helping missionaries and giving himself over to the burden of loving the unlovely in jungles, prisons and the poorest places of the earth.

I think it was 3 or 4 years ago my son David started a nonprofit organization. You can read how the idea for H4AD was born in his heart on his web site. He challenges everyone to go hungry for one day a month, add up what you would have spent on food for that day, and donate that amount to H4AD. They will then find ministries and organization like Don Shire ministries to give the funds to for the hungry.

How my heart now rejoices to see David and Don use their combined burdens and gifts of two different generations to make a difference in lives and thus maybe the eternity of those whose needs will be met through this effort. On David’s web site H4AD (Hungry for a Day) you can find out about this month’s joint project. Notice in the top right hand corner there is a green button……..GO HUNGRY. So could I encourage you to go hungry & join hands around these two guys who are making a difference.

Thanks for letting a proud dad take a few minutes of your time.

[this picture is David and his dad at the same age – we don’t think they look anything alike :)]