700 Lunches!

A big thanks to the youth from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship!

Last week, a group of their teens who were in town for a conference took some time out from their busy schedule to fix 700 lunches for the homeless and needy in Atlanta.

The original plan was for the youth to put together 300 lunches.  We challenged them to do 700 and they gladly accepted the challenge! Your donations towards H4AD operational expenses covered the additional 400 lunches!

Each lunch had a  peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, snack and a bottle of water.

After they were made, we delivered them to our friends at 7 Bridges who gave them out to the needy the next day.

A huge thanks to Blake Clark (pastor of the new church plant Radius Church in St. Petersburg, Florida) for organizing and to our good friend, Denise Fusco, for being the H4AD representative and delivering everything to 7 Bridges!


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