15,000 Meals – RESULTS!

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Happy December!

Before we announce our December project tomorrow, we wanted to share the results of our Thanksgiving Project. Some of you follow us on social media and already know the news, but for those of you that don’t, we surpassed our goal!

We were working to provide a Thanksgiving meal to 15,000 people this past month and we were able to feed 15,075 due to our community’s generosity!
Followers of Hungry For A Day, 9 corporate partners, and 10 faith partners worked hard to bring hope to so many! We can’t thank you enough!

We want to share some snippets from one letter with you:

“.. we had a big need for these dinners. One of the meals went to a family that is currently homeless and this mom is currently driving an hour and a half each morning from a friend’s home in order to keep her child at (school name redacted) until they can find another place to live. This mother is currently working three part time jobs to make ends meet.”

“Another family is a single parent of two and she just lost her job”

“The family that you blessed two years ago that declined your help last year, continues to bless others at this time. This family wanted to continue to pay forward the generosity for all of the times that others had helped her and her children while her husband was incarcerated. She states that her husband has been clean from a heroin addiction for almost 4 years now. This family is still together and they give God all the credit for sending people into their lives, who loved them and blessed them when they were in their darkest moments.”

All we can say is WOW! Thank you again for your generosity and the way you live with open hands!