“100% of your donation goes directly to the project”

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If you’ve been tracking along with Hungry For A Day for a while, you’ll have seen this phrase “100% of your donation goes directly to the project“.

Why is this important? How do we do this?

Often donors evaluate nonprofits on what percentage of their revenue goes to cover operating expenses. While we may not agree on the validity of the argument, we recognize it and want everyone that gives to Hungry For A Day to know exactly where their generosity is going.

When you give to Hungry For a Day throughout the year, you can be confident knowing 100% of your gift goes directly to a project. We call this the “100% Model”

We do this by allocating all of our December donations each year towards our Operating Expenses. Unfortunately, there are quite a few costs associated with running a nonprofit (tax records preparation, mailings, office help, accounting, travel, website and a host of other obligations). While none of our executives take any kind of salary, we still need to cover our costs.

This year, we’ve supported projects like funding urban gardens to bring fresh produce to food deserts, provided commercial refrigeration to a homeless outreach, helped faith and corporate partners start generosity programs and just last month, fed over 37,000 people a Thanksgiving meal!

This December, we need to raise $16,900 to cover our 2022 budget to continue to have a “100% Model”

Here is the breakdown:
$46 covers our Operating Expenses for a day.
$325 covers our Operating Expenses for a week.
$1,408 will cover our Operating Expenses for a month.

We’d be honored if you partnered with us in generosity to help those who truly need it.

To give, simply click HERE.

Have a blessed rest of 2021, as we look to the future!