1,000 Families (Getting your group involved)

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We have a vision to feed 1,000 families this Thanksgiving season.  We can’t do it alone and we want your help!

We have put together a toolkit that gives groups EVERYTHING they need to get involved in feeding 1,000 families.  You won’t just be a part of feeding families in another city, but you’ll help families where you live!

If you’re like every other church/faith leader that we’ve spoken to in the past three years, you’re extremely busy and the last thing you have time to do is plan another program for your group.

We want to help.  Seriously, we do.

Feeding your Community for Dummies is what we could call this, (but we’d rather not call you a dummy)!  With the toolkit, you don’t have to worry about planning, simply assign a coordinator and follow the steps.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Each time you meet in November, your group will bring a different item for the meals (example: macaroni and cheese or green beans)
  • You’ll host a Giving Day where your group will go hungry and match what they would have spent on food so others can eat
  • A volunteer team will buy the items and distribute them to your community

After extensive testing with a few other groups over the past two years, the toolkit was put together.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Complete detailed project plan
  • Ways to involve EVERYONE in your group
  • A strategic plan to serve the community where YOU live
  • Suggested emails to send to your group
  • Announcements to give
  • Social media posts – what to post / when to post it (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Online giving page to manage your donations (all credit card fees are covered by H4AD)
  • Shopping lists
  • Suggested distribution plan for the meals

To sign up, simply click THIS LINK to access the form to get you everything you need to get started!

(we’ll be sending the toolkits out later this week)